One of the most interesting tourist attractions in Serbia, the special nature reserve “Zasavica” and the unique donkey farm at that place were presented in a Deutsche Welle (DW) report.

Just 80 km from Belgrade, near Sremska Mitrovica in Vojvodina, the most expensive cheese in the world is produced from the healthiest milk – donkey cheese.

If you didn’t know, donkey milk is the most similar to mother’s milk, so it is not surprising that the price of this top-quality cheese is as much as 1000 euros per kilogram. This farm was founded by Slobodan Simić, an enthusiast who is responsible for the fact that Zasavica has become a favorite destination for tourists and that his cheese spreads good image about Serbia throughout the world.

“The process of obtaining cheese is very demanding and takes time, because a donkey gives as much milk in three months as a cow does in one day. Just one kilogram of cheese requires as much as 25 liters of milk. Donkey’s milk does not have casein, which is necessary for curdling, so it was difficult to come up with a recipe for this special cheese. The secret is in adding a minimum amount of goat’s milk,” Slobodan Simić told DW.

Donkey milk is extremely healthy because it contains 1 percent of milk fat and has as much as 60 percent more vitamin C than cow’s milk.

See the entire video about the donkey farm in Zasavica on the link after which you will definitely want to visit this unique place.

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