El Paso City – Western theme park on Zlatibor

El Paso City will make you feel like you are in a western movie. This theme park is divided by a river into two units, one depicting American culture from the mid-19th century and Serbian traditional villages from the same period. Go back in time, give your children and you the ambiance and entertainment that you could only dream of when you were children. Share magical moments with your loved ones and enjoy the beautiful nature of Zlatibor.

Where it is located:

El Paso City is located only 14 kilometers from the center of Zlatibor, on the main road in the direction of Montenegro. Free large parking is available directly next to the main road

 How to get to: Zlatibor


In the cowboy town, you’ll see replicas of the sheriff’s office, a saloon where it’s easy to imagine cowboys playing poker to the sound of a piano, and there’s also a bank, post office, jail, and barbershop..

Experience real cowboy activities like putting on horseshoes or riding a mechanical bull at the rodeo.

Where there is a cowboy town, there must also be an Indian village nearby that bears the name of the most famous chief – Sitting Bull. Enjoy the attractively painted tents and take pictures on the special panels with Indian characters.

Experience the true life of the “Wild West” while staying overnight in authentic caravans with thematic names of actors from western movies, Indian tents, and the treehouses you’ve been dreaming about.

If you are a fan of Serbian tradition, you can spend the night in the village of Zlatibor in traditional wooden houses. Nearby there is also a church, a lake with trout and a playground for children.

You can use the lunch break in the restaurant to try the Western steak of 400 g on a grill plate, Geronimo steak, numerous sweet specialties…

Visit the gift shop where you can find a large selection of cowboy hats, scarves, cowboy costumes, belts, guns, sheriff badges…

Charge the batteries of your mobile phones and take pictures. The pictures you will post on social networks will delight your friends and followers. Enjoy every moment and create memories that will last forever.

Opening hours and ticket price:

The working hours of El Paso City on Zlatibor are from Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 8 pm.

The ticket price for adults is 600 RSD, and for children 400 RSD, which you can quickly and safely buy online.

Zlatibor is an ideal destination for families with children. Create an ideal weekend in Zlatibor through the Three Tickets to Zlatibor program – an unforgettable family vacation.

Watch the video of El Paso City and get ready for an unforgettable experience.

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