Cruising the Danube and Sava

Cruising Belgrade with “Yachting Club Kej” boat offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy panoramic views of some of Belgrade’s most beautiful attractions, including the Cathedral Church, historic Karađorđeva Street, the monumental Belgrade Fortress, and the modern Belgrade Waterfront complex. Passing under the bridges that symbolically connect New and Old Belgrade, passengers embark on a journey through time, discovering the rich history and culture that characterize this city.

Tickets can be purchased using this link on platform Visit Serbia online.

Ticket for adults – 2,500 RSD
Ticket for children – 1,250 RSD


Cruises through Belgrade offer not only beautiful landscapes but also an intimate view of local life, especially with a ride to Ada Ciganlija and the characteristic Belgrade neighborhoods. The bridges under which the Yachting Club Kej boat passes, connecting New and Old Belgrade, are symbols of history and culture, making cruising through Belgrade a fascinating journey through time.

Starting point – Beton hala, in front of the restaurant Ambar – Kalemegdan Fortress – Nebojša Tower – SC Milan Gale Muskatirović – confluence of Sava into Danube – view of Pančevo Bridge and Zemun – Great War Island – Little Horse Island – Museum of Contemporary Art – Beton hala – Belgrade Port – Serbian Orthodox Patriarchate – Cathedral Church – Brankov Bridge – Old Fairground – Old Fairground Monument – Savamala – Old Sava Bridge – Belgrade Waterfront – Gazela Bridge – Old Railway Bridge – New Railway Bridge – Ada Bridge – Return to the starting point – Beton hala.

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