The challenges in the depth of the cave, the unbridled stream of a high waterfall, the scents and preserved silence of the past in old log cabins or the timeless relevance of the knitting craft – these are a unique combination of impressions for many visitors to Zlatibor, unknown to many visitors, who will engrave their visit to this mountain into a lasting memory.

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Although Zlatibor is known as a destination that offers many contents for active tourism, this mountain also hides many natural attractions, but also places of exceptional cultural and spiritual importance where you will have the opportunity to see how the tradition of Serbian villages developed and how the local crafts became part of the world heritage. We present to you two natural and two cultural attractions that you simply must visit while you are in Zlatibor, because they will allow you to experience this famous destination from a completely different angle.

Stopića Cave

We recommend that you first visit Stopića Cave, and take the opportunity to enjoy a miracle that nature patiently created in the hidden areas of Zlatibor. Be sure to visit the Stopića cave, located twenty kilometers from the center of Zlatibor. For more information about the Stopića cave and how to get there, read here.

This cave will welcome you with a monumental entrance 18 meters high and between 30 and 40 meters wide, after which a 1,600 m long walk begins, during which you will have the opportunity to visit magnificent halls dotted with unique geomorphological phenomena. In the Stopića cave, ordinary things take on an unusual appearance, so you will have the opportunity to see bats and white crabs, which have lost their pigments after a long stay in a space without light. 

Also, the cave is equipped with platforms for a tour as well as attractive lighting, due to which the view of the surrounding stalactites, stalagmites, tufa “bathtubs” and other cave jewels turns into a fantastic sight. Before visiting the cave, download a free audio guide through the Stopića Cave, which will reveal all the information about this unique attraction in 4 languages and lead you to its 10 most important points.

Museum Old Village Sirogojno

Located 24 kilometers from the center of Zlatibor, the village of Sirogojno preserves the traditions of Serbian villages and the spirit of mountain life from oblivion. Especially in the age of intense digitization, staying in a space that firmly connects man to nature is a real vacation. 

Therefore, do not miss to visit The Open air Museum Old Village Sirogojno, which, with its permanent exhibition, other exhibitions and programs, will fully evoke the way of life of Serbian villages from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. For more information about the Museum Old Village Sirogojno, and how to get there, read here.

You will see what the houses of Serbian peasants looked like, feel the smell of households, find out about the customs, techniques and objects related to the jobs of bakers, milkmen, basket makers and blacksmiths, and after visiting the museum, you will have an inn and accommodation at your disposal, where you can round off the visit with the traditional tastes of the domestic cuisine.

The women knitters’ museum

There is another museum of exceptional importance in the village of Sirogojno. It is the Women Knitters’ Museum. Did you know that the famous designer Pierre Cardin chose 18 exhibits of knitters from this very place for his collection? That famous people like Jovanka Broz, cult Swedish actress Liv Ullman and Nancy Reagan, wife of the 40th US President Ronald Reagan, owned at least one item of clothing made by the hands of Zlatibor knitters. It is in the Museum of Knitters that you will have the opportunity to see original clothing items and materials, but also to learn more about the principles of weaving and wool processing, the ways in which products that were once sought after by the whole world were made.

Izložbeni primerak u Muzeju pletilja Sirogojno

Waterfall in Gostilje

No matter what time of year you arrive in front of the waterfall in Gostilje, you will always find an equally magnificent sight. The waterfall is located 25 km from Zlatibor and is about twenty meters high. In addition to creating a visually impressive scene with the surrounding nature, the waterfall in Gostilje is ideal for rest and additional activities. The approach to the waterfall is accessible via a platform, where you can take beautiful photos, and an equally enchanting landscape awaits you downstream, within reach of the energetic rapids.

For more information about the waterfall in Gostilje, and how to get there, please visit this link.

Walking paths, benches and a children’s playground are at your disposal in the vicinity of the waterfall. For passionate sports lovers, it should be noted that there is also a soccer field nearby, and during hot summer days, don’t miss taking a dip in the nearby pool, filled with cold, spring water. For a full experience of the attraction, take the opportunity to taste the local food, especially the trout served in the nearby ethnic restaurant.

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