Experience the hidden beauty of one of the most beautiful caves in Serbia

Stopića Cave is the second largest cave opening in Serbia. This impressive natural monument with a monumental entrance standing 18 meters high and between 30 and 40 meters wide offers a 1,600-meter walk through magnificent halls with unique geomorphological phenomena. The cave consists of five sections: the Light Hall, the Dark Hall, the Great Hall with Tubs, the Channel with Tubs, and the River Channel, of which the first four are open to visitors. Be a part of this unforgettable adventure in the heart of Zlatibor!

How to get to Stopića Cave:

By car: You can choose between two routes, both leading through the beautiful landscapes of the Zlatibor plains. The first route leads from Užice, via the main road to Zlatibor, but in the village of Mačkat, you need to turn onto a local road towards the village of Rožanstvo. The road to Rožanstvo and Sirogojno also leads from the center of Zlatibor. There is parking available for cars and tourist buses at the site. Stopića Cave is located between Rožanstvo and 3 kilometers from Sirogojno, also a significant destination in Zlatibor.

By bicycle: Riding a mountain bike (electric) from the center of Zlatibor to Stopića Cave is interesting, as the road is asphalted, not heavily trafficked, but has many ascents and is not suitable for family rides.

From the parking lot to Stopića Cave, there is a fenced pedestrian path, as well as several benches for resting. The path is not suitable for people with disabilities or baby strollers.

How to get to Zlatibor


Platforms and well-maintained paths will allow you to enjoy the view of impressive natural formations in silence, complemented only by the sound of flowing water, further enhanced by fantastic lighting. During your walk through the cave, you will see unique natural phenomena such as well-known stalactites and stalagmites, as well as viglids – openings in the cave ceilings, rimstone pools that plunge up to 7 meters deep, and the river channel of Trnavski stream. Carefully observe the surroundings, as you may spot blind bats and white crayfish that have lost their natural pigment due to lack of light. The temperature in Stopića Cave is around 15°C throughout the year, except in winter when it’s slightly warmer inside than outside.

Opening hours and tickets for Stopića Cave:

October 24th – April 5th – from 09:30 to 16:30

April 6th – July 15th – from 09:30 to 18:00

July 16th – September 10th – from 09:30 to 19:00

September 11th – October 23rd – from 09:30 to 18:00

The ticket price is 400 dinars for adults and 250 dinars for children aged 7 to 15.

Tickets for Stopića Cave can be purchased online.

Near Stopića Cave, you can visit the Waterfall in Gostilje, Old Village Sirogojno, and the Museum of Knitters, and experience the magic of the Four Pearls of Zlatibor and their secrets by purchasing a combined ticket for adults and children online.

Download the Stopića Cave mobile app – audio guide.

Please, preserve and respect the nature surrounding you. This is a delicate habitat with diverse plant and geological phenomena that are vital for ecosystem preservation. Please, refrain from littering and disrupting the natural course of cave processes. Instead, appreciate the beauty of the caves with respect and tranquility. Your attention and care help conserve this precious resource for future generations. Thank you for adhering to these guidelines and contributing to the preservation of our wonderful cave landscapes.

Check out the video about the latest developments at Stopića Cave.

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