From the Dino Park, which brings to life a prehistoric world full of wonders, through adventure playgrounds for recreation, to a place where you will get to know the American, Indian and Zlatibor village cultures at the same time, the Zlatibor destination offers a lot of fun content for the whole family throughout the year..

If you are looking for different type of vacation, having outdoor fun, enjoying the fresh air, discover the forgotten prehistoric world and meet the culture of the northamerican continent, Zlatibor is the right place for you. We present you three theme parks which represent activities that they offer to their visitors.

Dino park

This unique theme park is located in the heart of Zlatibor and consists of 20 replicas of dinosaurs from the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. Copies of these ancient animals are simply adored by the little ones, from the moment when the Allosaurus greets them at the entrance with a kind voice and robotic movements, until they meet the Tyrannosaurus rex – who is also the guardian of the equestrian stable in the park. Where there are dinosaurs, you will also meet cavemen, and within the Dino Park there is also Dino Village, a specific combination of Serbian villages and modernized playhouses where the little ones can try out a multitude of activities. A 6D cinema is available, as well as a large number of team games such as darts, billiards, air-soft, and while your children are playing, you can relax with a coffee in the local pizza cafe.

Adventure Park

The Dino Park is connected to the Adventure Park. It is located in a pine forest and offers unusual activities for the whole family. Regardless of whether you are a recreationist or a well-trained visitor, the hanging polygons will test your strength, dexterity and motor skills in a variety of ways. Platforms, nets, zip-lines, climbing rocks are just some of the challenges that will motivate you to exceed your own capabilities and fill your body and spirit with positive energy.

El Paso City

14 kilometers south of Dino and Adventure Park, there is El Paso City, another theme park with unique content. In this place, the distant world of the Wild West is brought to life through many familiar motifs that we had the opportunity to see in Western movies. Take a walk through the attraction and experience the atmosphere typical of American towns from the late 19th century, peek into the local saloons, barber shop, post office or take a photo with Sheriff Wyatt Earp who watches over the nearby jail every day.

In El Paso City, you will have the opportunity to spend the night in Serbian log cabins, tree houses, deluxe apartments, caravans and of course – Indian tents. Also, in a similar way that the Rio Grande River separated two cultures, American and Indian, so the river in this small thematic village separates El Paso from the Serbian part where you can visit the church and the village of Zlatibor, typical of this part of Serbia. If you decide to visit El Paso City, you will not only see, but also experience all the beauty of the diversity of three cultures – American, Indian and Serbian, which developed at opposite ends of the world at the end of the 19th century.

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