Sremska Mitrovica is one of the cities that will make you feel like you are in an adventure movie all year round. Although at first glance quite tame, this unique destination behind the multi-layered facade of its history, and especially in the surrounding villages and farms, offers a variety of content that will make your weekend in Srem unforgettable.

Pogled na Sremsku Mitrovicu i Srpski dom iz vazduha

Where is it located: 

Sremska Mitrovica is located in Srem, on the river Sava. It is 60 kilometers from Belgrade, 40 kilometers from Novi Sad, 40 kilometers from the Batrovci border crossing with Croatia, and 45 kilometers from Nikola Tesla Airport. The Imperial Palace is located in the city center, near the city park and the pedestrian zone.

If you travel:  

By car or bus, Sremska Mitrovica is located on the E70 Belgrade-Zagreb highway, exit “Sremska Mitrovica”. The Imperial Palace is 2 kilometers away from the bus station. The Visitor Center can be reached by car, parking is possible in the parking lot and in the surrounding streets. 

By train, the Sremska Mitrovica railway station is located 2 kilometers north of the Imperial Palace. Passenger trains are currently running on the route Belgrade Center – Šid. 

By bicycle, Sremska Mitrovica is located on the Sava route that connects Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia. The city has a network of bike paths that allow you to easily move around and explore its sights. A special experience can be a bicycle tour to the Zasavica Special Nature Reserve, which is only a few kilometers away.

Sremska Mitrovica is very easy to walk and we recommend that you visit the city and its sights on foot. The experience is a walk through the city in the pedestrian zone, to the city churches, the Srem Museum, the Imperial Palace, the quay on the Sava, and especially crossing the longest pedestrian bridge “Sveti Irinej”, which connects the banks of the Sava River and offers a wonderful view of the city’s landscape.

Imperial Palace – In the footsteps of the Roman emperors

In the period of Old Rome, Sremska Mitrovica was known under a different name – Sirmium. One of the largest preserved traces from that time is the Imperial Palace, located near the City Square. A unique experience of history awaits you there. That magnificent space, the collection of the foundations of monumental rooms, represents the place from which the emperor Diocletian governed the Roman Empire at the end of the 3rd century AD, and in the 4th century the palace in Sirmium was of greater importance than the Imperial Palatine in Rome.

While in the palace, pay attention to the list of all the emperors who stayed in Sirmium, which is located to the right of the entrance. Also, you can get more information about the site through the interpretation panels placed along the entire complex. Pay particular attention to details such as the hypocaust, underfloor heating, as well as the mosaics displayed on the floor and walls, a unique example of decorative art in the Balkans.

Srem Museum – 6000 years in one day

After visiting the Imperial Palace, complete your experience of the ancient period of Sremska Mitrovica with a visit to the Srem Museum, which consists of two buildings. The historical display is located diagonally from the Imperial Palace, while the archaeological one with the lapidarium is located on St. Stephen’s Square, close to the Orthodox Church. As part of a permanent archaeological visit, you will have the opportunity to see artifacts that span 6,000 years of settlement in these areas, from the younger Stone Age, up to the 9th century, where one of the biggest discoveries was the Golden Avarian belt, currently available for viewing in a hologram version. If you are still a fan of later eras, in the historical display you can see various artifacts dating from the Middle Ages and the recent history of these areas.

Zgrada Muzeja Srema u Sremskoj Mitrovici

Zasavica – The peace of nature and the authentic spirit of Srem

In one of the most beautiful special nature reserves in Serbia, you will have the opportunity to visit untouched nature, unrepeatable in its authenticity and diversity of plant and animal species. The central place of the Special Nature Reserve Zasavica for tourists is the Visitor Center with an observation deck that offers an unforgettable view of nature all around. The animals you’ll see in the reserve are friendly to visitors, so don’t be surprised if the resident donkey decides to keep you company. Pet it and let the simplicity and modesty of being in nature completely dismiss all your worries.

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