“What a view” is an expression you will often hear from people who have visited a destination and is often the reason you too will make the trip. The view can be from a room, a restaurant, a train ride or a bike ride, but you get a great thrill when you look at something from above, whether it’s a mountain peak, a tall building, a balloon or a gondola cruising through the clouds. In addition, the feeling that you have won, reached and achieved something is the reason why you will continue to travel and create unforgettable moments for your family, friends and yourself. 

Gold Gondola –The longest gondola in the world (Zlatibor)

Use your stay in Zlatibor to experience a ride on the Gold Gondola, the longest panoramic cable car in the world that connects the village of Zlatibor with the summit and ski center of Tornik. The Gold Gondola offers an unforgettable view of the landscape dotted with forests, where a mountain jewel of unusual clarity stands out – Ribnica Lake

When you climb to the top of Tornik by gondola, the view from above will leave you breathless. From the top you can see Durmitor, Jahorina, Tara, Ribnica Lake, the peaks of Čigota and Murtenica, the villages of Jablanica, Dobroselica, Stublo, Semegnjevo, the village of Zlatibor… While you enjoy the view, refresh yourself with warm homemade tea or some natural juice.

Biciklisti mašu putnicima u Gondoli

Avala – Panorama of Serbia in the palm of your hand (Belgrade)

Have you ever had the opportunity to see Serbia unfold before your eyes – from the plains of Vojvodina and the Vršac tower, the confluence of the Sava and the Danube and the silhouette of Belgrade to the glades of Kosmaj and the heart of Šumadija? There is one point from which the view encompasses all those landscapes and offers a special experience – the viewpoint of the Aval tower. Located on the top of a mountain that rises modestly in the south of Belgrade, it rises five hundred meters above Avala by another 204 meters, offering a unique view and Serbia in the palm of your hand. An elevator will take you to the observation deck on this architecturally elegant building and one of the symbols of the capital. A break in a cafe at the viewpoint offers an ideal opportunity to indulge in a new and always different view of the beauty of Serbia.

Pogled na Avalski toranj

Zasavica – The Hidden Garden of Fairies and Dragons (Sremska Mitrovica)

Zasavica is a winding watercourse in the northern part of Mačva, between Sava and Drina, whose shallow underground waters form a symbiosis with moist evergreen meadows, reeds and swamp forests.

It has been declared a Category I Special Nature Reserve managed by the Nature Conservation Movement from Sremska Mitrovica. The landscape is made up of preserved forests, pastures, watercourses and authentic folklore features of the population that nurtures a traditional way of life by the water, mirrored through gastronomy, unique organic cattle breeding and folklore. The central place for tourists is the Visitor’s Center with an observation tower, from which an unforgettable view of nature spreads all around, numerous stories, herds of wild cows and tamed donkeys, which are a real attraction for tourists. 

Magarci i električni bus u Zasavici
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