Visiting the Flower Festival in Sombor means stepping into a garden of colors, scents, and creativity. From April 23rd to April 26th, along the Main Street in the heart of Sombor, this festival becomes an oasis for nature and art lovers.

Strolling along the Main Street, you’ll be enchanted by the diversity of flowers that breathe life into the city atmosphere. Local and international flower growers showcase their most beautiful bouquets, arrangements, and pots, making every step a unique experience. Additionally, don’t forget to explore the products of old crafts and handmade souvenirs that add a special charm to the festival.

Let the festival be the reason for a longer trip of two or three nights, which you can complement by getting to know the culture and tradition through historical buildings, museums, galleries, and households preserving the old recipes of this region. If you plan to visit the Flower Festival in Sombor, we advise you to purchase the Sombor City Card, and with this unique card, you’ll receive tickets as well as discounts on accommodation and restaurants.

A walk through the city will guide you through streets and squares adorned with beautiful greenery and monuments of famous personalities. When you feel tired from walking, don’t miss the opportunity to discover the magic of authentic Vojvodina cuisine in the center of Sombor or on a farmstead nestled in the heart of the lavish Vojvodina fields.

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