Zlatibor is known for its rich tradition, and one of the must-visit places that nurtures this heritage is the Zlatibor Market. This colorful marketplace, located in the heart of the mountain, offers visitors the opportunity to explore and enjoy authentic products from local villages.

Gastronomic Symphony of Flavors and Aromas

The Zlatibor Market is a true treasure trove of domestic and traditional products, satisfying various tastes, needs, and budgets. On its stalls, you can find a diverse range of handicrafts, souvenirs, and cured meat specialties such as prosciutto, bacon, and sausages. Dairy products like Zlatibor kajmak and cheese are also essential, along with a rich selection of jams, honey, and various fruit preserves, prepared according to traditional recipes with special care and love.

For Refreshment and Revitalization of Body and Soul

Visitors can also indulge in a variety of homemade fruit brandies, such as plum brandy, and the comfort of handmade wool sweaters and socks, which are well-known brands of Zlatibor. Additionally, the Zlatibor Market offers a wealth of herbal teas such as yarrow, St. John’s wort, and thyme, known for their medicinal properties, further enriching the offerings of this place. Potters with a long tradition of making pottery (flasks, cutting boards, magnets) showcase their skills, while handmade souvenirs represent a true artistic treasure.

The Zlatibor Market is a place that attracts visitors throughout the year, offering them not only the opportunity to purchase traditional products but also an unforgettable experience that will accompany them as a wonderful memory. It is located in the center of Zlatibor near King’s Square and the starting station of the Gold Gondola, the longest gondola in the world.

Source: Tourist Organization of Zlatibor

Source photography: screenshot video U zagrljaju Zlatibora – Zlatiborska pijaca

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