Zlatibor, a premier year-round vacation destination, awaits you this spring with a rich offering for May Day and Easter holidays.

The tourist offer in Zlatibor is diverse and includes traditional festivities, free concerts at Kraljev Trg (King’s square), children’s games, the opening of the new adventure park “Sportland”, activities at the Gold Gondola, as well as Easter egg coloring and exhibitions at the Museum “Old Village Sirogojno. All these activities make Zlatibor an ideal vacation spot for everyone.

Tourist sites like Stopića Cave, the Museum “Old Village” in Sirogojno, the Gostilje Waterfall, and the tourist villages of Ljubiš, Rožanstvo, and Tripkova are ready to welcome thousands of visitors.

In the center of Zlatibor, attractions such as the Adventure Park, Dino Park, andEl Paso City are available, offering adventure and an active vacation. Theme parks are open during the holidays, offering workshops and fun educational programs.

Popular activities such as paragliding, quad biking, zip-lining, horseback riding, and scenic carriage rides are also available.

Gold Gondola – Packed with Holiday Activities

Gold Gondola has prepared various activities for the upcoming holiday season to enhance the stay of visitors in Zlatibor, and the program can be viewed at the link.

You can purchase online tickets for Gold Gondola, Stopića Cave, Gostilje Waterfall, Museum Old Village Sirogojno, Adventure Park Zlatibor, as well as El Paso City Zlatibor through the platform visit-serbia.online.

We also recommend the new product Gold Gondola Gift Challenge, as well as the well-known, combined ticket 4 Pearls of Zlatibor. Enjoy your time on this beautiful mountain!

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