For the first time, the sports association 11TRI is organizing the Open Championship of Serbia in sprint distance triathlon at Zlatibor. The event will host the best Serbian triathletes and guests from other countries.

In addition to the individual race, competitors will also participate in corporate relays as part of the 11Tri Sprint Triathlon at Zlatibor, a format whose popularity is constantly rising worldwide. The race starts from the shore, with a 0.75 km swim in lake water (Kraljevo Lake). The cycling segment is 20 km on a hilly asphalt road, followed by a 5 km run. The event opens at 10:00 AM, with the race starting at 1:00 PM.

The race at Zlatibor will be a celebration of sport for all triathlon enthusiasts, providing competitors with an opportunity to test their strength and enjoy the natural beauty and hospitality of this region. Whether you are a triathlon participant, supporting someone, or planning a visit to Zlatibor, secure your online tickets for the most beautiful sites via the Visit Serbia online platform.

ORGANIZER: Sports Association 11TRI
SPONSOR: Municipality of Čajetina, Serbian Triathlon – Ministry of Sports of Serbia

Source: Tourist Organization of Zlatibor

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