Trgovacka Street, located along the lakeside promenade and King’s Square in the municipality of Čajetina on Zlatibor, has experienced a sort of revival. The street, with its 55 similar-sized shops and special working conditions, quickly became a hotspot for souvenir shopping and delicious food mainly aimed at tourists. The street’s special charm lies in the people who run and work in these shops. In addition to excellent products and services they offer, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know them and gain a true travel experience. Modern tourists increasingly want to connect with the local community, and this is a perfect opportunity for that.

Attraction and Profitability in Action

One of the stars of Trgovacka Street is certainly the shop “Nićanica,” known for its focus on hand weaving. The owner, Branka Aleksandrić, shares her passion for weaving that has grown from a hobby into a successful business. Alongside unique products like ponchos and scarves, the shop also preserves exhibits that could adorn museum displays, such as old irons and wooden crates.

A Sweet Spot for Sweet Corn

At the heart of Trgovacka Street, the local “Sweet Corn, Popcorn” attracts visitors with the aroma of traditional treats. Mile Stamatović, the owner, takes pride in his decision to bring his business from his hometown Zlakusa to Zlatibor. His success story is about tradition, collaboration, and adaptation to a new environment, and this season has been record-breaking for him, surpassing even 2019. Mile’s specialties – boiled and roasted corn and popcorn – are now a must-stop on the promenade.

Indulge in Bubble Waffles at “Šećeland (Sugarland)” with Djordje

For those seeking something modern and unusual, Djordje Raković’s “Sugarland” offers a unique experience. This shop, specializing in bubble waffles, ice cream, and soon muffins and American cookies, is a real sensation. Djordje, with his education and passion for tourism, has created a place where traditional and modern merge, attracting the attention of many visitors eager for new flavors.


These are just a few of the people and offerings in the street filled with smiling and cheerful tourists.

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