“The food used to be good” – the title of Đorđe Balašević’s song still holds true in the northern part of Bačka, in Sombor and its surroundings. This peaceful town, offering plenty of cultural attractions (Sombor Museum, Sombor National Theatre, Milan Konjović Gallery, The Prefecture Building etc.) and natural attractions (Special Nature Reserve “Gornje Podunavlje” and “European Amazon”), is also known for its gastronomic specialties that grace this region.

Source of Photography: Naš salaš

The Aroma of the Danube

They say the best Fish Stew, a traditional dish made from fresh river fish, is prepared on the route between Sombor and Baja (Hungary). Fish Stew is cooked in a cauldron, over an open fire, with the most commonly used fish being carp or catfish, and the main spice being homemade ground paprika from Bezdan or Bački Monoštor. This dish is characterized by a rich taste and aromatic texture, served with homemade pasta – noodles. It’s known that if there are any noodles left after the stew, they should be turned into a dessert – “nasuvo” with poppy seeds, walnuts, carob… Fish Stew pairs best with wine, especially a cold spritzer (white wine with soda), and of course, tamburitza music.

Source of Photography: Tourism organization of Sombor

Pannonian Sardine

From the “white” Danube fish, fishermen have long been preparing a fasting delicacy – smoked marinated fish in a jar. To prepare it, they use bream, roach, and even carp, catfish, and pike-perch. Salted and smoked fish is layered in oil and pasteurized, giving it a specific taste that pairs best with cottage cheese and onions.

Source of Photography: Čarda Pikec

Traditional Maturation in a Kačica (cheese barrel)

Sombor cheese in a kačica is an indigenous product from Sombor, famous for its specific taste and quality. The cheese is made from cow’s milk, then placed in a traditional wooden kačica where it matures and develops its characteristic flavor.

Source of Photography: Gulmek Dairy

Spicy Delicacy

Lemeš kulen is a cured meat product originating from Lemeš – Svetozar Miletić, characterized by its spicy taste and rich aroma. It is made from the highest quality pork meat combined with spices such as ground red pepper, onion, and black pepper, then dried and smoked in a traditional way.

Source of Photography: Tourism organization of Sombor

The Essence of Bačka Cuisine

A Bačka lunch becomes a gastronomic brand of this part of Serbia. This meal consists of authentic and rich dishes that represent the essence of Bačka cuisine.

  • Homemade “yellow soup” made from various poultry, with liver dumplings and homemade noodles.
  • Boiled meat dish – Rinflajš (boiled meat, potatoes, carrots, and greens from the soup) with several types of sauces – cherry, tomato, and dill.
  • Breaded meat with side dishes (chicken drumstick with noodles in honey and mustard sauce, turkey breast stuffed with smoked cheese).
  • Desserts – vanilla cookies, plum dumplings, and poppy seed strudel.

Source of Photography: Naš salaš

In that Sombor…

Sombor even has its own variety of pepper. The Sombor pepper is a variety that has become a symbol of Sombor and the wider Bačka region in Vojvodina. This pepper is known for its special aroma and rich taste. It is characterized by mild spiciness and juiciness, making it ideal for various dishes. This pepper variety is often used in the traditional cuisine of this area, especially in the preparation of preserves.

Source of Photography: PSS Sombor

Tasty Tradition

Stapar sheet pie is a traditional dish from Stapar, made from thinly rolled dough filled with a mixture of cheese, sour cream, and eggs. The pie is baked in the oven until crispy and golden brown, and served as a delicious meal or as a side dish to other specialties.

Source of Photography: Milan Đurđević

Dobos Cake

Dobos Cake was introduced to the world about 140 years ago by confectioner Jozsef Dobos. Dobos Cake is now the most famous Hungarian dessert, with about 120 recipes for its preparation. For Sombor and its surrounding areas that gravitate towards Hungary, Dobos Cake is a favorite and indispensable delicacy at every celebration. Unlike the one in Hungary, this one has 12 thin layers filled with buttercream and chocolate, and the finish is the inevitable caramel glaze. Making such a cake requires 30 eggs.

Source of Photography: Tourism organization of Sombor

Confused Gibanica pie

According to legend, a housewife, in an attempt to make a classic Vojvodina strudel, somewhere made a mistake, “got confused,” and to prevent damage, she improvised and ultimately made an excellent new delicacy – confused gibanica pie. This cake is made with walnuts, poppy seeds, cherries, cheese… in combination with sour dough, it is much juicier than the classic strudel and represents a true gastronomic pleasure.

Source of Photography: Tourism organization of Sombor

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