Souvenirs are not only reminders of the places you’ve visited but also invitations to return. They can also make wonderful gifts for family, friends, or relatives, inspiring them to embark on their own journeys and explore new destinations.

When it comes to classic souvenirs, high-quality clothing items are always popular. Additionally, gourmet products beautifully packaged and with geographical indications attract the attention of tourists

Woolen Sweaters

Woolen sweaters are one of the most famous souvenirs from Zlatibor. Besides providing warmth during winter, they have also become a fashion statement. Some well-known personalities like Jovanka Broz, the iconic Swedish actress Liv Ullmann, and Nancy Reagan, the wife of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan, owned at least one piece of these sweaters, handcrafted by the knitters of Zlatibor.

Women from Zlatibor preserve the tradition of wool preparation and sweater making, which further enhances the value of this souvenir. At the Museum of Knitters, you can see original garments and materials, and learn more about the process of weaving and wool processing, techniques that were once highly esteemed worldwide.

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Zlatibor Clotted Cream

Clotted cream is one of the key culinary delights in Serbia. Hosts often find it challenging to explain to foreign guests how this dairy product is made, which varies in taste at different stages of aging, from young to old. It is often used as an appetizer or accompaniment to main dishes.

“Naša Zlatka Dairy” in Zlatibor is one of the most well-known. In addition to producing excellent clotted cream, they are also known for their commitment to sustainable development. Recently, Zlatibor was named one of the top 100 best green tourist destinations at a ceremony in Tallinn, and the story of “Naša Zlatka Dairy” was included in the “Top 100 Stories,” representing a successful example of sustainable development.

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Zlatibor Rakija (Brandy)

Serbia is known for its good brandies, made from various fruits. In recent years, there has been an increase in exclusive, well-packaged brandies, as well as those with good prices. Did you know that there is a village called Šljivovica on Zlatibor, so do we need to say more about this drink ?! The village of Šljivovica, known for its natural beauty and fruit products, is only 15 kilometers away from the tourist center. In this village, you can see how brandy was traditionally produced and visit the traditional brandy festival.

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The altitude of Zlatibor, around 1000 meters, moderate climate, and the collision of continental and Mediterranean air currents on this mountain create the famous “wind rose,” which certainly contributes to the production of good prosciutto, especially beef. We know that the best prosciutto comes from the Mediterranean, but that southern wind also helped us, so that in the village of Šljivovica mentioned earlier, Dalmatian prosciutto is also produced. In addition to households, various types of prosciutto can also be found at the Zlatibor market.

Source of photography: screenshot video U zagrljaju Zlatibora – Zlatiborska pijaca

Zlakusa Pottery

We’ve talked so much about edible souvenirs, so here’s one that not only serves for food preparation but also as decoration. Zlakusa pottery is a traditional practice of making ceramic items in the village of Zlakusa, Serbia. It consists of 50% clay and 50% stone (calcite). This technique for making pots of various dimensions, passed down through generations, combines functionality and artistic expression, and is therefore inscribed on UNESCO’s “List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”.

An excellent selection of these souvenirs will be offered at the Zlatibor market. It is located in the very center of Zlatibor near King’s Square and the starting station of the Gold Gondola, the longest gondola in the world where you can also buy souvenirs.

Modern tourists and travelers are increasingly seeking sustainable travel, but what does that actually mean?

Sustainable travel involves respecting local customs and traditions, caring for environmental protection, and much more. One of the key aspects of sustainable travel is supporting the local community, which includes purchasing souvenirs produced by local residents, using materials and raw materials available at the destination itself. It is especially appreciated when tourists have the opportunity to participate or at least observe the process of making these souvenirs.

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