Discover the most modern viewpoint on Zlatibor

The “Golden” mountain, famous for its natural charms and various tourist offers, has been enriched with a new and modern viewpoint. At the very top of Tornik, the highest peak of the mountain, there is now a new walking platform that leads to an impressive viewpoint. From this place there is a spectacular view of the expanses of Zlatibor. Since its opening, the new viewpoint has attracted numerous lovers of untouched nature and beautiful landscapes. It has become a favorite destination for excursionists and a true oasis for all those looking for the perfect photo spot.

Whether you are a nature lover, an adventurer or just want to relax in the silence of this mountain paradise, the viewpoints on Zlatibor will surely win you over with their priceless views.

The episode about Zlatibor viewpoints, which was prepared as part of the “In the embrace Zlatibor” campaign, is on the official YouTube channel of the Zlatibor Tourism Organization, and you can find the link below.

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