Zoran Nikolic
Zoran Nikolić

Conquering the Soul and Heart: A Journey through the Spirituality of Serbia

We asked Zoran Nikolić which trip in Serbia left a special impression and which destination in Serbia he wants to visit in the future.

– Which trip or attraction in Serbia left a special impression on you?

Drina Canyon is certainly one of the most picturesque places in Europe. I visited it last year and enjoyed an unforgettable cruise that leads to Višegrad and back. I would call it a trip to remember, at least according to my experience. Drina is a fascinating river, dynamic and historically and geographically rich. I don’t consider myself a tourist “whistleblower”, but I like to praise quality things when I see them. I remember the tour guide entertaining the guests over the loudspeaker, he was truly outstanding. (If I remember correctly, his name was Nedeljko.) His combination of humour, charm and relevant information made it a great experience.

The Drina Canyon and its beauty leave the impression that you are in a place that is not from this planet. It is strange that such a picturesque landscape is not known to many. This should be a point of pride for every child born in Serbia.

During the voyage scenes of harsh rock from which tough conifers “wave”, attached by their roots to unyielding cliffs, alternate. The journey takes about three hours one way, with a break in Višegrad. I remember spending the whole time on the deck of the ship, unable to take my eyes off the magical images that surrounded me.

Drina Canyon is the perfect place to escape for a moment from the artificial worlds we live in and experience the deep embrace of Mother Nature. With a capital “N”.

– What is your next destination or attraction in Serbia that you want to visit and why?

A place that I will definitely try to visit this summer is the Mileševa monastery. It may not be as close as some important monasteries in the central part of Serbia, but the immortal “White Angel” is certainly worth every effort.

Serbian resorts, the banks of rivers and lakes are a part that I always like to feel and experience. Their healing properties are important, but the mere existence of water also brings peace to a person. On the other hand, there is an even deeper level of travel when one reaches points not only geographically distant, but also those rooted deep, in the core of each of us.

We are the heirs of ancestors who had a hard life in this world, but they rejoiced in it and left significant traces that surpassed the Renaissance in Europe, traces filled with spirituality.

The trip to Sopoćani, Studenica, Mileševa… has a special significance. That’s why my biggest wish this summer in Serbia is to visit this heavenly trail in our country – White Angel and Mileševa.

Zoran Nikolić is a journalist, writer and licensed tourist guide. He wrote eight books dedicated to the history of the capital city, and he took hundreds of thousands of people through underground Belgrade tours, the Bohemian route and others. He was awarded the prestigious “Despot Stefan” award, the highest award for journalism in the City of Belgrade. His books “Belgrade under Belgrade” and the tourist tour of the same name https://beogradispodbeograda.com, “City of Secrets”, “The Secret of New Belgrade”, “BG Stories” have reached readers through dozens of editions, making Nikolić one of the most important authors who promote history of the city.

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