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Zagorka Marković - Zaga Kal Mar

The priceless treasure of Serbia through the eyes of a fashion designer and successful entrepreneur

We asked Zagorka Marković (Zaga Kal Mar) which trip in Serbia left a special impression and which destination in Serbia she wants to visit in the future.

– Which trip or attraction in Serbia left a special impression on you??

I like to travel around Serbia and I am convinced that our country is full of wonderful sights that we often don’t even know about, convinced that something new and interesting awaits us only in the distance. Through my work, I witness how much foreigners are delighted by the beauty of our country combined with the hospitality and warm welcome of our hosts. I love city trips, since I live in Novi Sad, and I often come to Belgrade for work, every little trip recharges my batteries. I adore the rhythm of Belgrade, its hipster streets of Donji Dorćol, fashion-conscious Belgraders, who look nonchalant while walking in perfect combinations, prepared for all the challenges of the rhythm of this big and fast city. Of the towns in Vojvodina, I like Sombor and I often return to it. The collection of the Milan Konjović Gallery is a place where I am always happy to stop by, to rest my eyes and be inspired by the beauty on the canvases of this great painter of ours. I like his blue and red phase the most, which beautifully depict the landscapes of Vojvodina and the life of people in the countryside and always remind me of Van Gogh. The monasteries of Fruška Gora are a divine combination of escaping into nature and the peace of old sanctuaries. I try to go with my family as often as I can. I especially recommend the Grgeteg monastery from the 14th century, which is decorated with divine mosaics of golden color, the iconostasis of Uroš Predić and a beautiful, magnificent park of conifers that gives the impression of being close to the Mediterranean.

– What is your next destination or attraction in Serbia that you want to visit and why?

I have been planning for a long time to go on a Danube cruise with my family, from Belgrade to Đerdap and to show the children the old fortresses on the Danube, starting with Kalemegdan, Bač, Golubac and Fetislam. We also want to visit Viminacium and other archaeological sites of the Roman emperors. Nature is beautiful, and a boat ride on the Danube offers a new perspective of seeing the landscape from the river. We definitely plan to make a trip to Kapetan Mišin Breg, which is located in Donji Milanovac. This family restaurant has an incredible view of the Danube and the border of Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria, and the hosts sprinkle the white tablecloths with rose petals and serve the most beautiful honey brandy. I went there often as a girl, while working for GIZ (German government projects) I took foreign tourists to visit this beautiful area. Now I would like to go there with my family and show the children what a wonderful cultural heritage our country has.

Zagorka Marković Zaga Kal Mar

Zagorka Marković, known under the pseudonym Zaga Kal Mar, has always had a love for art and creativity. From an early age, her mind was filled with imaginative ideas and a desire to express her creativity in different ways. After completing German language and literature studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad, as well as engineering management studies at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, Zagorka entered the professional world and gained experience in the fields of marketing, PR and project management. However, the love for art and painting never disappeared. During her stay in Germany, where she spent several semesters and was a scholarship holder in the Bundestag in 2006, a new passion was awakened in her – a passion for painting. She felt she had finally found her true path and it was time to let her creativity shine freely.

In 2014, she launched her first line of T-shirts inspired by great artists and figures who marked history. That was the beginning of her journey into fashion design. Over time, she decided to go one step further and start her own fashion brand – ZAGACLOTHING. The t-shirt line expanded into other clothing items, and her creative spirit knew no bounds. Her dedication and commitment to fashion led her to a recognizable and successful brand. Since 2016, her products are available through online sales worldwide, and you can find her creations in several concept stores throughout Serbia. Collaborating with the Gallery of Matica Srpska on a series of t-shirts inspired by the works of great painters, Zagorka showed how much art can be an inspiration for fashion. Her show at Serbia Fashion Week 2018 marked a new stage in her creative journey

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