Sanja Đaković
Sanja Đaković

Priceless advice from an excellent tourist guide for an unforgettable trip through Serbia

We asked Sanja Đaković which trip in Serbia left a special impression and which destination in Serbia she wants to visit in the future.

– Which trip or attraction in Serbia left a special impression on you?

Without thinking, I can say that it is where the Danube is deepest, widest and narrowest: the Đerdap Gorge. That part of Serbia, apart from the beautiful nature, is full of archeological, historical, cultural, sights, and the gastronomic ones are not to be neglected. The town of Golubac, Ramska and Fetislam fortress, Lepenski Vir, Trajan’s Plaque (Tabula Traiana), Rajko Cave… The beautiful Danube… Đerdap and its surroundings are a part of Serbia that I gladly and often return to.

– What is your next destination or attraction in Serbia that you want to visit and why?

As someone whose job it is to show domestic and foreign guests the beauty of our country, I visited almost all the sights of Serbia. Until now, however, I have not had the opportunity to visit the archeological site of Mediana, which was reopened this year after 10 years. Until now, I have only seen the beautiful mosaics in photographs, and I hope that soon I will have the opportunity to see them in person.

Graduated economist and guide. The author of eight thematic walks around Belgrade, during which she reveals the history of Belgrade to Belgraders and guests of the city in a different, more interesting way. During his thematic walks, she tells us about the loves of famous people from our history, patron endowers, famous ladies, but also revealing to us how the residents of Belgrade lived and had fun in the past, and what crime was like in Belgrade before World War II. 

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