Preparations for the festive celebration of the Serbian (Orthodox) New Year on Zlatibor are in full swing! The Municipality of Čajetina and the Tourist Organization of Zlatibor traditionally organize the New Year’s holiday festivities on this popular mountain with special attention. The central event will be the celebration of the Serbian New Year scheduled for January 13th, starting at 9:00 PM on Kraljevo Square.

Renowned musical performers Bojan Marović, Mirjana Aleksić, and the trumpet orchestra led by Dejan Jevđić will take the stage, promising an unforgettable experience for all attendees. This will be an opportunity for visitors to enjoy a top-notch concert and the festive atmosphere on one of the most visited squares in Serbia.

The traditional celebration of the Orthodox New Year will take place in front of the church dedicated to the Protection of the Holy Mother of God in the village of Jablanica, starting at 6:00 PM. Visitors will have the chance to experience the true magic of the Orthodox New Year with the presence of Santa Claus, gifts for the youngest, a rich cultural and artistic program, sounds of trumpets, fireworks, and a diverse selection of Zlatibor specialties. This includes warm beverages such as brandy, mulled wine, and tea, as well as hunter’s stew, cooked cabbage, and many other treats.

Zlatibor has once again confirmed its leading position as the most visited destination for entertainment and relaxation during the New Year holidays in the country. In addition to the central events on the square and in the village of Jablanica, numerous restaurants, hotels, and hospitality establishments have prepared a diverse musical program to allow guests to fully enjoy the holiday spirit during the Orthodox New Year.

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