In the very heart of Sremska Mitrovica, in the city center, is the Tain Bakery – an example of a successful combination of ideas, tradition and delicious products. In this bakery, you can enjoy a variety of specialties made according to the Tain bread recipe. This special bread has its roots in the Serbian military past during the Balkan Wars and the First World War. It was created with the aim of providing long-lasting energy and strength to Serbian soldiers on the battlefield. Tain’s bread is not only a source of energy but has become a symbol of resilience that has accompanied soldiers through challenging moments.

It is interesting that mothers often advised their sons not to eat the first portion of this bread, but to keep it as a talisman. Legend has it that the mother of Aleksa Zdravković from Pirot kneaded this bread for her son before he left for the First Balkan War. Aleksa carried this bread during both Balkan wars and even for four years during the First World War. Today, this precious piece is kept in the “Ponišavlje” museum.

During the First World War, when supplies of prunes remained unexported to Austria-Hungary, the combination of prunes and Tain bread became a basic part of the diet of Serbian soldiers. This combination provided the necessary energy and strength to face extreme conditions such as mud, trenches, snow and rain while defending every inch of their land. Their courage and tenacity was reflected in every bite.

Today, at the Tain bakery in Sremska Mitrovica, you have the opportunity to try authentic Tain bread and experience the spirit of the Serbian military past. This special product takes you on a journey through time and reminds us of the brave soldiers who relied on this bread to preserve their country and tradition.

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