A stroll through Kalemegdan Park and Belgrade Fortress is one of the must-have experiences if you live in Belgrade or are visiting. One of the attractions that will surely enhance your experience is the Natural History Museum Gallery located within the Belgrade Fortress.

Visitors to this museum will have the opportunity to see the exhibition ‘Plant as Spice’. This exhibition represents an exciting synthesis of biology, history, art, and gastronomy. The author, Dr. Uroš Buzorvić, introduces visitors to the world of spices through scent, taste, and touch, revealing the power of spices that have marked human history.

The complex exhibition showcases the biological origin, history, and impact of spices, allowing visitors to experience them on all sensory levels. The design of the exhibition, signed by Anja Marčetić and Biljana Sovilj, is conceived to give visitors a sense of the aroma and texture of spices. The exhibition is complemented by a representative publication and various programs designed for all ages. Tickets can be purchased online as well, along with a combined Museums 4 You ticket, which also includes three other interesting Belgrade museums.

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