Natural History Museum
Wonders of nature

Visit the Natural History Museum of Belgrade and discover the fascinating treasures of nature. The most important natural history collection in Serbia is located here, with over 2 million valuable specimens, including fossils dating back to the age of the formation of the solar system. The museum has been housed in the building of the former First Girls’ High School since 1939.

The collections of the Natural History Museum include various fields such as mineralogy, petrology, fossils, molluscs, insects, birds, mammals, etc.

One interesting piece of information about the Natural History Museum in Belgrade is that its collections contain rare and endangered examples of the flora and fauna of the Balkan Peninsula. This collection is of particular importance for the preservation of biological diversity in the region and provides valuable data for researchers and scientists working with the biodiversity of this area. The museum is actively working to preserve these species and educate the public about the importance of protecting the natural heritage of the Balkans. By visiting the museum, you can contribute and support these efforts to preserve nature.

If you want to visit the museum, you can buy a combined online ticket MUSEUMS 4 YOUwhich also allows entry to the Museum of Yugoslavia, the Museum of Science and Technology, the Natural History Museum. 

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