Museum of Science and Technology
The wonderful world of science, technology and toys

The Museum of Science and Technology in Belgrade offers you a unique opportunity to explore the impact of machines, engines and technological innovations on our everyday life through the exhibition “Man and Technology”. Here you will discover how people lived and worked in the past in Serbia, learn more about old technologies and the development of electrification, sail into the world of steamboats, find out how printing was done before the printing press, and learn about the first domestic computers and Tesla’s asynchronous motor.

If you are interested in traveling through time, visit the “Toy Gallery” with over 150 toys from the period 1920 to 1970. Here, technology meets creativity through a variety of dolls, cars, teddy bears, mechanical wind-up toys, wooden toys, music boxes and many other rare exhibits.

The museum also offers an exciting adventure in the world of science through the “Science Playroom”. Interactive exhibits from the fields of astronomy, mathematics, physics, biology, psychology and logic are waiting to entertain you, stimulate your thinking and reveal the secrets of scientific principles. Feel the centrifugal force, test your sense of balance and experience optical illusions while having fun and learning.

If you want to visit the museum, you can buy a combined online ticket MUSEUMS 4 YOUwhich also allows entry to the Museum of Yugoslavia, the Museum of Science and Technology, the Natural History Museum. 

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