The Sremska Mitrovica Tourist Organization is well aware that modern tourists seek souvenirs made from local materials and by the local population. In their new, modern, and compliant tourist center, you can find authentic souvenirs. Be sure to stop by the center after exploring the city and visiting the archaeological site “Imperial Palace” or the Museum of Srem, and check out what we recommend you take as a memento.

Sun Dial Figurine

The Sun Dial monument symbolizes the passage of time to which both gods and humans are equally subjected. It is believed that during that time, all wealthy citizens placed sundials in their tombs. This unique item was found in the Necropolis area sometime in the first century. Its practical value is demonstrated every March 21st when the shadow falls on the engraved horizontal line of the shell, marking the passing of one year. The Sun Dial is still located in the Lapidarium, a part of the Museum of Srem in Sremska Mitrovica.


 Sremski Kulen (Sausage of Srem)

Sremski Kulen is an authentic specialty whose tradition spans centuries in Srem. This dry-cured meat product is characterized by a blend of the finest meat, spices, and a carefully guarded recipe passed down from generation to generation. Sremski Kulen Todošković, made from the finest meat, spices, and love in a traditional way, is a product that cannot be missed in Srem.

Serbian House Figurine

The building of the Serbian House, which houses the “Gligorije Vozareović” Library, was founded on February 4, 1866, as the Serbian Civic Reading Room. In 1969, the library was named after the first Serbian bibliographer, bookseller, publisher, and founder of the first public library in renewed Serbia, Gligorije Vozarević, born in Ležimir.

Felted Wool Souvenirs

Souvenirs made of felted wool – Handmade souvenirs made of felted wool preserve the tradition and cultural heritage of Serbia. Products are made from wool using a special traditional technique – felting. Felting or rolling wool is the oldest wool processing technique, and the souvenirs produced include felted balls, necklaces, pendants, soaps, and felted table and chair mats in various sizes, with traditional motifs and motifs from the Sirmium mosaic found on woolen items.

Homemade Coffee

Homemade coffee is an indispensable part of everyday life in Serbia. It is often prepared as Turkish coffee, boiling finely ground coffee together with water and sugar in a cezve until a fine foam forms on top. KFTRJ Coffee – Her Majesty homemade coffee, with its fragrant notes, beckons every day. Completely natural, healthy, additive-free, it comes from the KFTRJ COFFEE HOUSE, slowly winning over every tourist who visits the information center in Sremska Mitrovica.


Brandy from Sremska Mitrovica – Serbian homemade brandy is not just alcohol; it is tradition, heritage, origin, identity, and pride. Alimpić family distillery where “JUBILEE” brandy is made – In the heart of Srem, there is a family distillery that produces brandy with a lot of love and passion… Sremytza, Quzmyn, Diogen…

T-shirt as a souvenir

As one of the most prevalent and interesting souvenirs with practical value, a T-shirt with motifs of the city of Sremska Mitrovica is quite popular. Besides representing an authentic part of the local culture, these shirts are practical souvenirs that will allow you to proudly carry a piece of Sremska Mitrovica with you wherever you go. Enrich your stay in Sremska Mitrovica by purchasing one of the suggested souvenirs, and don’t forget that the Special Nature Reserve Zasavica awaits you with the healthiest and most expensive donkey milk cheese and other interesting souvenirs.

Source: Tourist Organization of Sremska Mitrovica and

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