Percussion – The Theme of the Last Etiquette School Before the Summer Break

The final concert before the summer break in the educational program Little School of Etiquette/How to Listen to a Concert will be held on Saturday, June 29th, in the Great Hall of Kolarac Endowment, where the youngest attendees will learn more about percussion instruments.

The series Little School of Etiquette/How to Listen to a Concert, organized by the Music Center of Kolarac Endowment, is aimed at the youngest audience and their parents.

The host of this unique program is Miloš Milovanović, a musician by education and a TV host by profession, known to children from television. He guides children through the program in a very specific and original way.

With Milovanović, children learn the history of Kolarac Endowment, when and why to applaud, what the program says, how to behave at a concert and in a cultural institution. He charmingly shares historical facts about music and creates a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere for the children during the program.

At the upcoming concert, the children will have the opportunity to learn everything they are curious about regarding percussion instruments.

In the musical part of the program, students from the Department of Percussion at the Faculty of Music, under the guidance of Srđan Palačković, will perform. The guest of the concert is Ksenija Komljenović, the first woman from Serbia with a doctorate in percussion.

Ksenija Komljenović, one of the winners of the International Percussion Competition in Luxembourg, is a percussionist, academic, and composer. Throughout her career, she has performed, taught, and studied in Europe, the USA, and Asia. She studied at the Frost School of Music (University of Miami), Illinois State University, and the Faculty of Music in Belgrade.

The program begins on Saturday, June 29th, at 11 am. Tickets, priced at 300 dinars, are available for purchase at the Kolarac box office and online.

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