Plant/herbal tourism is a new form of tourism that is gaining popularity all over the world. This type of tourism attracts the public because, in addition to travel, it also affects the healthy living of people. Collecting, getting to know and growing plants can be divided into two categories: medicinal plants, which are used for medicinal purposes, and edible and spicy plants, which are used in the preparation of food and specialties.

Our well-known journalist, traveler and plant expert Momčilo Antonijević confirms that Serbia could offer the experience of plant tourism. Momčilo, the author and owner of the website Snaga bilja, recently visited Zlatibor, which is located near his hometown of Užice. During the visit, he shared some tips and interesting facts with his followers on digital platforms, as well as in RTS’s Morning Program, where he is a regular interviewer every Tuesday. He found inspiration for questions about the traditional way of life in the past and planting hawthorn in front of the house – its impact on people’s health, in the Museum of the Old Village of Sirogojno, which is the ideal place for this story. For all future tourists visiting this destination, he recommended several tourist attractions that are dear to him, and are part of the “Four Pearls of Zlatibor” package.

Momčilo is also the author of two books: “How I became a traveler and stopped being a tourist” and “Wild Chef”. He also organizes cooking classes in nature, which are in high demand on the tourist market today as part of experiential tourism.

Watch the video on the YouTube channel “The Power of Herbs”

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