Gold Gondola – Love is in the Air!

Is there a more romantic start than on Valentine’s Day? 

The Zlatibor Gold Gondola will take you on a romantic journey never before experienced. You will step into a specially decorated cabin that sails over the Zlatibor landscapes, with the sound of champagne and sweet snacks. Decide whether it will be an opportunity to mutually confirm your past love, propose to the woman of your life, arrange a wedding or – to simply enjoy the moments that last and turn into memories and remembrances!

The romantic ride offered by the Gold Gondola is exactly one of the challenges to indulge in emotions or to complete your vacation on the mountain, which long ago entered the legends of Serbian tourism, sincere hospitality and host generosity. 

The romantic journey began on February 14, and if you missed that date, this experience is available during the whole year.  

More information about buying tickets online. 

The memory of traveling on the longest gondola in the world with a loved one will be further enhanced by taking photos, a gift souvenir and the opportunity to enrich social networks with a unique atmosphere. Because – memories exist and last only when you share them with dear people!

Baner za Gold Gondolu Zlatibor