Aleksandra Mikata
Aleksandra Mikata

Getting to know Serbia through the eyes of an experienced tourist journalist

We asked Aleksanda Mikata which trip in Serbia left a special impression and which destination in Serbia she wants to visit in the future.

– Which trip or attraction in Serbia left a special impression on you?

Since I am originally from northern Banat, I have always wanted to see Arača, which is located between Novi Bečej and Bašaid. My wish came true, and I am pleasantly surprised by how lively a small town Novi Bečej is. I would also like to single out the event of lighting cherry sticks for LiLaLo, which is a real refreshment in the tourism offer of Serbia, because Loznica managed to come up with something completely new and revive the entire area from Tršić to Banja Koviljača


– What is your next destination or attraction in Serbia that you want to visit and why?

I would like to go to Fruška Gora again, because it is the time of the grape harvest, and buy acacia honey in one of the 17 monasteries. I would like to ride a chaika in Covina. I also plan to stop by Subotica and Palić, because I heard that the lake has been cleaned and that the whole area has been tidied up and refreshed. More precisely, I would like the first thing I would see in the morning to be the Palić park and the lake, because in autumn they are bathed in the most beautiful colours.

Aleksandra Mikata is a long-time travel journalist who, in addition to Večernje Novosti, publishes reports in many magazines. She is the recipient of the Tourist Flower. She has been working in the Tourist Organization of Belgrade for several years. On the Instagram profile @mikataalexandra she promotes Serbian tourism.

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