Ethnographic Museum
Time travel

Step deep into the richness of our traditional culture that is waiting to be discovered! The Ethnographic Museum, one of the jewels of our cultural heritage and one of the oldest museums on the Balkan Peninsula with more than 120 years of existence, preserves an impressive collection of about 120,000 museum items, of which a fascinating 50,000 ethnographic objects stand out.

This enchanting collection, which was first exhibited in a special building back in 1901, a gift from the generous Stevča Mihajlović, represents a real treasure of tradition from the entire Balkan Peninsula. The first permanent exhibition of these priceless objects of traditional value was opened in 1904. Today, visitors can enjoy the permanent exhibition under the title “The Serbian National Culture in the 19th and 20th Centuries”, displayed on three floors of the beautiful building of the Ethnographic Museum and other thematic exhibitions.

On the ground floor, you can expect gorgeous national costumes and depictions of life at traditional gatherings, which used to be held in front of our churches and monasteries. In the central part of the collection, you can see the famous Dečanska česma (a water fountain) – the symbol of the Museum. The third floor of the exhibition is dedicated to the art of weaving and the culture of dwelling, which completes the picture of the richness of our cultural heritage.

If you want to visit the museum, you can buy a combined online ticket MUSEUMS 4 YOU, which also allows entry to the Museum of Yugoslavia, the Museum of Science and Technology, the Natural History Museum. 

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