Few tourist destinations in this part of Europe can pride itself on a century-long tradition of tourism development. The Golden mountain of Serbia is one of the few pearls whose tourist tradition goes back to the ancient past, and we will celebrate such a long history, which is 130 years old, this summer with a series of diverse programs.

It should be remembered that Zlatibor was recognized as a healing place at the end of the 19th century. At that time, it captivated the beauty of its landscapes and attracted to its slopes more prominent and wealthy people who built their first summer cottages, summer houses and bungalows here. Back in 1893, the still undeveloped Zlatibor hosted a crowned head. With his visit on August 19, King Aleksandar Obrenović laid the foundations for the development of tourism.

Since then, for 130 long years, the golden and medicinal mountain in the southwest of Serbia has been a meeting place for tourists. Former modest bungalows and summer houses have been replaced by modern hotels and apartments, wooden taverns by modern restaurants and gastro bars, and the slopes of Zlatibor have been filled with entertainment for all visitors. Today, the area next to the King’s drinking fountain, where Zlatibor tourism began to develop, is one of the most decorated squares in Serbia, with a lake and an impressive multimedia fountain.

In the year when Zlatibor celebrates its great jubilee, 130 years of organized tourism development, numerous activities of the Zlatibor Tourism Organization will be aimed at marking such a big and significant jubilee..

– The entire summer season ahead of us will be a jubilee. We are preparing numerous activities to mark this important date, so we believe that this tourist season in Zlatibor will be remembered for a long time by all the guests who will be resting here – the director of the Zlatibor Tourism Organization, Vladimir Živanović, begins the story of the anniversary.

– The central celebration will be held on August 19 and will be marked by a ceremonial academy, and the central celebration will be preceded by a series of activities that will animate the guests of the “golden mountain”. We are busy preparing a new monograph of Zlatibor, which will soon be in print. Our new monograph will see the light of day right before the jubilee celebration, so on that occasion we will organize its festive promotion – announced director Živanović.

In addition to the promotion of the monograph, during the summer season, the Zlatibor Tourism Organization organizes an exhibition of old photos and postcards, which are the best witnesses of the long tradition of the development of Zlatibor tourism.

As part of the anniversary program, a new film about Zlatibor will be presented to the public, which we have prepared in cooperation with our famous actor Nebojša Dugalić.

– Visitors to Zlatibor will find the program of free tours and animations that the Zlatibor Tourism Organization is preparing for the upcoming season particularly interesting. Our licensed tourist guides will be engaged in these activities, and within the framework of pre-planned walking tours and programs, they will bring Zlatibor’s guests closer to history and tradition, natural features and everything that makes the most visited mountain in Serbia specific and famous – points out the director of Zlatibor TO.

This summer tourist season, like the previous ones, will be marked by a series of concerts, performances by cultural and art societies, plays and numerous other entertainment events. Considering that this is the year in which tourism in Zlatibor is celebrating its big jubilee, the program of the “Zlatibor Summer” will be carefully planned so that guests can expect concerts of famous musicians. At the same time, every evening throughout the summer, a unique multimedia fountain will provide all visitors to Zlatibor with an unusual dynamic spectacle on the water.

Source:  Electronic Newspaper of the Zlatibor Tourism Organization, May 2023.

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