“Brunch in the air” or – to have a little snack, neither in the sky nor on the ground

The Gold Gondola Zlatibor has prepared an unusual gastronomic attraction for all visitors to Zlatibor and its passengers – a unique, edible souvenir, which even the pickiest gourmets will find hard to resist. 

The offer “Brunch in the air” or – as the people of Zlatibor would say “to grab a bite” – combines a ride on the longest gondola in the world, a view of the playful landscape dotted with coniferous forests and local gastronomy that will bring the breath and flavors of traditional Zlatibor specialties to the cabin of the gondola. Passengers will be served the famous prosciutto and bacon, cheese, cream, crackers, ajvar and homemade pie, with the usual “starter” – the well-known brandy “prepečnica”, but also homemade juices or water. This gastronomic pearl consists exclusively of authentic local products, created in households on the slopes of the surrounding villages in order to add Zlatibor delicacies to the already tested and proven tourist brand that is Zlatibor.

Brunch is intended for groups of at least two to a maximum of six people in one cabin. The magic neither in heaven nor on earth begins with a chosen aperitif upon entry, and continues with a meal served as “finger food”. The “Brunch in the Air” ride lasts an hour, and the exit is at the same stop as the entry. If, on the other hand, passengers decide to get off at the top of Tornik, they are guaranteed to return in a new separate cabin without waiting, and on the way back they will be refreshed at the intermediate station – a cake with tea or coffee.

There are three packages on offer and you can buy them online:

  • Brunch 2 – Contains two trays of Zlatibor snacks and half a kilo of pie, a cake and refreshments – juice, brandy, a bottle of water and coffee.
  • Brunch 3 – Contains three trays of Zlatibor snacks and a whole pie, a cake and refreshments – juice, brandy, a bottle of water and coffee.
  • Brunch 4 – It consists of four trays full of Zlatibor snacks and a whole pie, also a cake, along with refresments – juice, brandy, a bottle of water and coffee.

With each selected package, Gold Gondola passengers will also receive a special gift in the cabin – a surprise!

Do you need more reasons for having a good time and enjoying the unique attraction of Serbia?

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