„Bora Labyrinth” – attraction, recreation, entertainment for the whole family

“Bora Labyrinth” is an unusual oasis in Batočina, the heart of Šumadija, one of the most modern amusement parks and a green labyrinth with the longest track in Europe, whose diverse contents, intended primarily for children’s play and entertainment, do not leave adults indifferent either…

How to get to Bora Labyrinth:

By car:

“Bora Labyrinth” is easily accessible from all parts of Serbia, because Batočina is located on the main road Batočina-Kragujevac, next to the Pan-European highway Belgrade-Niš. By car it’s an hour drive from Belgrade (117 km) or Niš (127 km), exit “Kragujevac”. It is about a twenty-minute drive from Kragujevac (23 km). At the roundabout at the entrance to Batočina, you need to enter the center of Batočina and then drive approximately 1 kilometer to your destination. It will be possible to reach Batočina by train after the completion of the reconstruction of the Belgrade-Niš railway line, which was announced for 2026.


Indulge in adventure and explore every corner of this fascinating and exciting maze. As in the movie, every step through the “Bora Labyrinth” brings a new surprise and uncertainty as to whether you will make a mistake and run into a hedge wall. Go back and try again – that’s where the fun is!

At the entrance to the park, visitors are greeted by an imposing 10-meter-high replica of the giant Transformer, which will attract the attention of the youngest, but also of all other generations who are fans of this movie saga.

“Bora Labyrinth” is completed with the largest trampoline park on 1,800 square meters, mini golf courses with an area of 1,200 square meters, play castles, the most unusual playroom and various contents that will satisfy all visitors.

Within the complex there is also a modern restaurant that offers a pleasant interior, a rich offer and affordable prices. The restaurant is specially adapted for families with children to provide rest and refreshment after the challenges and adventures that this unique park offers to all visitors, regardless of age.

Within the complex there is also a modern restaurant, with an interior, offer, and above all, a price list, suitable for families with children, for rest and refreshment after the challenges and adventures offered to visitors of all ages by this unique park accessible to everyone.

Working hours and tickets for Bora Labyrinth:

 From Friday to Sunday 11:00 – 18:00.

Price ticket is 850,00 dinars and you can buy group ticket for groups above 10 people, 750,00 dinars per person.

You can buy tickets for Bora Labyrinth  online.

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