The capital of Serbia, Belgrade, is characterized by a unique cultural and tourist offer that will satisfy the tastes of the most diverse tourists. Visit these 6 cultural and tourist attractions and complete your stay in one of the largest Balkan metropolises with unforgettable experiences.

Belgrade – A meeting place of different cultures

Belgrade is a special city, one of the oldest in Europe, the story of an extremely long, rich and, above all, exciting history that has never been fully told, attracted a large number of cultures to the confluence of the Sava and the Danube.

Just some of the most famous peoples who lived on the territory of Belgrade since its foundation in the 3rd century BC were: Celts, Romans, Ottomans and Austro-Hungarians. Where history has left important traces, there are also personalities who changed its course, so during your stay in Belgrade, do not miss the opportunity to visit museums and attractions that bear witness to the traditions of these areas in an interesting way, and often the entire European and even world civilizations.

Pogled na šetalište i Savu na Kalemegdanu

National Museum – Step into a time machine

Walking along Knez Mihailova Street, Belgrade’s main thoroughfare, you will reach the Republic Square where the National Museum is located, a kind of time machine where you will have the opportunity to experience key points in the development of history, not only of Serbia, but of the entire civilization. On three levels, i.e. over 5,000 m² of exhibition space, exhibits from various eras are presented, from the Paleolithic, Ancient Greece and Rome, through the Middle Ages, all the way to the modern era. No matter how many days you stay in Belgrade, visit the National Museum because this unique collection of objects and works of art will completely change your experience of history.

Nikola Tesla Museum – Life of a Genius

One of the greatest giants of science and invention, Nikola Tesla, stayed in Belgrade for only one day and for a few hours. However, you can learn more about this scientist and his discoveries that the whole world is proud of at the Nikola Tesla Museum. Professionally trained staff will introduce you to Tesla’s life and his inventions with interesting stories and putting into operation fantastic exhibits, and also in the museum you can watch a short documentary film about the life of the scientist whose inventions changed the world.

Zgrada Muzeja Nikole Tesle

Museum of Yugoslavia – Traces of a time

Museum of Yugoslavia, one of the most visited museums in Serbia, is located on the site of the former residential complex of Josip Broz Tito. With its rich collection of exceptional cultural and historical value, the Museum of Yugoslavia represents a point of interest for those who want to get a closer understanding of both the Yugoslav heritage and the heritage of the second half of the 20 th century.

Zgrada Muzeja Jugoslavije

Kolarac Endowment – The constant pulse of culture

If you hear classical or modern music while walking through the city center, you are most likely in the vicinity of the Student Park, i.e. the Kolarac Endowment, one of the most important cultural institutions in Serbia. Check the repertoire of the endowment and enjoy one of the concerts of world and local artists in the most acoustic hall in Serbia. You can also enjoy programs in the art gallery, cinema, lectures in different fields, and bring some of the musical souvenirs that will remind you of the unforgettable time spent there.

Zgrada Zadužbine Ilije M. Kolarca

Museum of Illusions – (Don’t) trust your senses

The Museum of Illusions offers a very different kind of experience. If you want entertainment that will completely shake your confidence in your senses, the Museum of Illusions is the right place for you and your family. Deceptive rings, deceiving rod, inverted room, stereogram and kaleidoscope are just some of the exhibits that will deceive your perception and make you doubt the consistency of natural laws. In addition to the possibility of a regular visit, the Museum of Illusions also has workshops in its program that will spark the imagination of the youngest visitors, and it is also possible to organize corporate programs and birthdays.

Avala Tower – the highest point of Belgrade

If you are a nature lover and want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, we suggest you visit the Avala Tower, one of the symbols of Belgrade at a height of 204.68 m and a place from which you can enjoy a panoramic view of the beautiful landscapes of Serbia. On clear days, turn to the east, because from the tower it is possible to see other important attractions, such as the Smederevo Fortress. The tower also has a cafe-bar, so you can enjoy one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Serbia with your favorite drink.

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