Belgrade, an increasingly popular tourist destination, offers a wealth of attractions for its residents and exploration-hungry visitors alike. In today’s world, where tourists increasingly prefer online shopping to quickly and efficiently plan their stay, Belgrade is embracing this trend. It is now possible to purchase tickets online for two exceptional city tours, allowing visitors to enjoy the charms of Belgrade without waiting in line, from its historic landmarks to modern cultural events.

These adventures include cruising the Danube and Sava rivers with the “Yachting Club Kej” boat and sightseeing Belgrade by open-top bus with “BS Tours,” providing visitors with unforgettable experiences.

Cruising the Danube and Sava with “Yachting Club Kej” – Discover the city’s riverfront beauty

Cruising Belgrade with “Yachting Club Kej” boat offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy panoramic views of some of Belgrade’s most beautiful attractions, including the Cathedral Church, historic Karađorđeva Street, the monumental Belgrade Fortress, and the modern Belgrade Waterfront complex. Passing under the bridges that symbolically connect New and Old Belgrade, passengers embark on a journey through time, discovering the rich history and culture that characterize this city.

Open-Top Bus Sightseeing “BS Tours”– Belgrade as your host

For those wishing to explore Belgrade by land, the open-top bus sightseeing tour by “BS Tours” offers an exciting and educational way to acquaint themselves with the city’s key tourist attractions. With audio guides available in multiple languages (Serbian, Russian, English, French, German, Turkish, Italian, Greek, and Chinese), visitors will be immersed in the history, culture, and famous personalities of Belgrade, making this tour ideal for anyone looking to experience the rhythm of this cosmopolitan city.

Tours are available for online purchase through the platform. Information on prices, availability, and how to book your spot on these unique tours can be found at the following links:

Cruising the Danube and Sava with “Yachting Club Kej”

Open-Top Bus Sightseeing – Belgrade as your host

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