Belgraders and city guests have the opportunity to visit the exhibition “Milutin Milanković – 100 years since the reform of the Julian calendar”.

The exhibition, realized in collaboration between the Museum of Science and Technology and the Milutin Milanković Association, marks the centenary of Milanković’s calendar reform, using archival documents, personal items, and exhibits that testify to his work and technological achievements of his time.

Milutin Milanković, born on May 28, 1879, in Dalj, near Osijek, was a prominent scientist known for his theory of ice ages. He is the founder of mathematical climatology and climate modeling, and is considered one of the most significant scientists in the fields of mathematics, astronomy, climate, and geophysics. The exhibition will shed light on his life, work, as well as his revolutionary calendar reform, which, although accepted in 1923 at the Holy Orthodox Congress in Constantinople, was never implemented.

The exhibition is signed by the author team including Mr. Slavko Maksimović, the exhibition and catalog author, president of the Milutin Milanković Association, Zora Atanacković, museum advisor at the Museum of Science and Technology, also an exhibition author, and Ms. Sonja Zimonjić, museum advisor at the Museum of Science and Technology, exhibition curator.

Tickets for the Museum of Science and Technology can also be purchased online with a discount as part of the combined ticket “Museums 4 You and visit the Gallery of the Natural History Museum, the Museum of Yugoslavia, and the Ethnographic Museum.

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